As a realtor, I list and sell homes, do tons of rentals and I also LOVE to work with first time home buyers because they have so many questions and I love to talk! I'll walk you through every step of the way and explain each process until you’re comfortable. You can call me anytime day or night. I live for this! I've been in Westchester County all my life and am an expert in White Plains and surrounding areas such as Scarsdale, Hartsdale, Hawthorne, Thornwood, Valhalla, Elmsford, Pleasantville, Chappaqua, Briarcliff, Armonk. Mt. Kisco, Bedford and Katonah. Ask me anything! If I don't know the answer right away I'll always get back to you within 24 hours.


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Short Sales & Foreclosures Resource (SFR) Certification

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Proud Member and Activist for Autism Speaks

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Bilingual - Fluent in Italian

2006 - Recipient of sales award Prudential Rand

2007 - Recipient of Silver sales award with MLS and Prudential Rand

2009 - Recipient Silver Sales award with MLS and BHG Rand

2013 - Recipient GOLD Award with Houlihan Lawrence



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Five Reasons It Could Be the Opportunity of a Lifetime to Buy a House

It's cheaper to buy than rent in almost every major U.S. housing market, and over the long term home prices appear likely to rise substantially.

The oft-quoted investment advice to “buy when blood is running in the streets” is usually attributed to one of the members of the Rothschild banking family. The most plausible version of the story is that Baron Rothschild said it to a hesitant client in Paris shortly after France was defeated by Prussia in 1871. One important detail is that Rothschild was supposedly talking about buying real estate, an investment that would be around for a while – certainly long enough for the Paris property market to recover from deeply depressed wartime prices.

The recent recession may not have been quite as dramatic as the Franco-Prussian War, but it still had a devastating effect on real estate, which lost a third of its value, on average. Economic trends, however, have begun to suggest that prices could rise substantially over the coming decade or longer. Most recently, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke’s decision to begin a third round of so-called quantitative easing (effectively printing money) has increased the odds of eventual inflation that would greatly boost the prices of tangible assets, especially houses.


There’s no guarantee, of course, that home prices will escape another dip next year, especially if there’s a recession or any sort of economic slowdown. And it may take some time for real estate prices to recover fully. In addition, not everyone who might want to buy today will be able to get a mortgage. But for people who can afford to buy a home and expect to stay in it for at least a decade, there’s a compelling argument that the current housing market offers an exceptional opportunity. Consider these five factors:

Buying a home right now is cheaper than renting. Both home prices and rents have risen a little bit from their post-recession lows, but rents are up more. Mortgage rates are at their lowest levels in more than half a century. And given current prices and tax benefits, owning a home is cheaper than renting in almost every major U.S. housing market.

The mortgage interest deduction is unlikely to be eliminated. Comprehensive tax reform schemes often call for curtailing the income tax deduction for mortgage interest. That’s understandable, since the tax benefit costs the government $80 billion to $100 billion a year that could be used instead to reduce overall tax rates. The Republican party flirted with including language in their 2012 platform which advocated for reducing the tax benefit of owning a home, but Governor Romney has remained vague on the extent of any proposed limitation for primary residences. And most commentators say that the real estate lobby and the broad popularity of the deduction among homeowners greatly limit the extent to which the deduction can be modified. At most, the cap on the amount that can be deducted may be lowered, but probably not enough to affect middle-class homebuyers.


Home prices are very cheap but appear to be past a bottom. On a national basis, home prices are down more than 30% from their 2007 peak. Moreover, in some particularly hard-hit cities – such as Las Vegas, Miami and Phoenix – prices are down more than 45%. Even more striking, since the recession ended prices have recovered only a bit – the best one can say is that they aren’t getting any worse.

Eventual economic recovery will almost certainly boost housing prices. Following the recessions of 1973-75 and 1981-82, home prices rose by about 20% in real terms (i.e., not counting price increases from inflation) within seven years or less. The drop in home prices in the most recent recession was at least four times as large as the declines in those two previous recessions. As a result, the recovery is taking longer to get going, but the eventual rebound could be proportionately greater. Price increases resulting from inflation would be on top of those real gains.

A substantial amount of inflation seems likely at some point. Since 2008, Fed policies aimed at revving up the economy have more than tripled the basic money supply (including currency but excluding checking and savings accounts). In a simplistic sense, that means the potential exists for the dollar to lose up to two-thirds of its value. The reality is more complex, of course, and inflation pressures won’t begin to build until people and businesses feel free to start spending the excess cash they have. But as the recovery proceeds and spending picks up, the recent increases in the amount of money outstanding could begin to cause quite substantial inflation. To prevent that, the Fed would have to drain much of money that it has added over the past three years. And that would be difficult to do quickly, because it would risk jacking up interest rates to a level high enough to cause another recession.


In short, since owning a home is typically cheaper than renting after tax benefits are considered, today’s buyers would come out ahead unless housing prices fall substantially. In fact, though, prices figure to rise, either because of an economic recovery or because of inflation (or more likely, both). Yet while buying a home today is a safer bet than it was before the recession, most people are more hesitant to buy a home today than they were five years ago. So it’s worth remembering that Baron Rothschild was right back in 1871 – Paris real estate prices did indeed recover as France went on to enjoy the boom times known as the “Belle Epoque.”

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More about me.....

Licensed Associate Broker

Proud Member of WPMLS

Proud Member NYSAR

Proud Member WCBR

Short Sales & Foreclosures Resource (SFR) Certification

Active Member Meals on Wheels Volunteer, White Plains Chapter

Proud Member and Activist for Autism Speaks

Proud Activist CT Center for Child Development:

Bilingual - Fluent in Italian

2006 - Recipient of sales award Prudential Rand

2007 - Recipient of silver sales award with MLS & Prudential Rand

2009 - Recipient Silver Sales award with MLS & Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate


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Testimonials from Past Clients

I have found moving to be one of the most stressful things life throws at you.    Through meeting Imma Carletto of Houlihan LAwrence, she made the process more comforting and reassuring.    Her interpersonal skills are beyond average and my ability to trust her knowledge of the real estate industry was very engaging.   Through her expertise and wisdom I was able to find a community I could call home.   I'm so happy to have met her and to have gone through this experience.---- Lori E. Tatarsky, White Plains, NY



I was so fortunate to have Imma as my realtor.  She is flexible and patient, and she let me map out the scheduling of our house-hunts so that I felt comfortable with the process and so that I could take it as slowly as I wanted to.       Imma is very knowledgeable about interiors and exteriors of homes, and she gave me honest feedback about the      good points and bad points of each house we saw.  When we reached the bidding stage, Imma was a great negotiator.  She guided me through the entire process of purchasing my house, and I knew that I could trust her each step of the way.  -- Jamison Sadlon, Tuckahoe, NY


Imma was a true joy to work with in helping me find a new rental apartment. She listened and paid close attention to my wish list of what I was looking for and acted immediately in searching out the perfect location and apartment. In fact, Imma found me what I was looking for the very next day! Her attention to detail was terrific.  Imma made this one of the easiest moves i've ever experienced. Thank you!  ---- James Harris, Pleasantville, NY


I really appreciate all you've done with the house and doing all the extra cleaning that I was not able to get to. Im so grateful for all that you've done throughout this process and made it much easier for me to handle, so again THANK YOU!    ---Gina Alia, Yonkers, NY


Thank you so much for all your time and patience with the entire closing. We love you!!  --- Theresa and Enrique Rosario, Yonkers, NY                                            


Once again, you did a great job and delivered exactly what you promised.  Thats rare now a days in your business. Thats saying a lot coming from a perfectionist like me.  Thanks again Imma. Enjoy your trip.  --- Nick & Kris Leo, Pleasantville, NY                                                    


I can't tell you how easy and effortless you made this process of selling my home. from the moment I met you, I knew there was something special about you and knew I could trust you to sell my home. I got no B.S., no big promises, no hard sell just to get my listing. Only straight advice and opinions from you! You've been amazing and have gone above and beyond in dealing with little details, to simple questions to helping me make moving arrangements while I was out of the country, and last but not the least - just being there for support with a little hand holding throughout the whole process when I really needed it. I LOVE that you were so attentive to detail and stayed on top of everything from start to finish.  I wish you were my realtor when I bought my house too!! You truly are a great realtor, not to mention person!  Thank you so so much for everything that you've done. I will miss working with you. I have only the sincerest wishes for future successes!!  ----Nancy Bender, Ossining, NY


"I can't even begin to tell you how grateful we are for everything you did to help us out over the last few months. You were an invaluable resource for our countless questions and you were there for us through the entire process. You are truly great at what you do!"
----Katie and John McDermott, White Plains, NY


"Thank you so very much for helping us find and purchase our first home. We thank you for all your care, concern, teaching & friendship. You are a very special person."
----Melissa and Jeff Kessler, Croton-on-Hudson, NY


"I didn't know who to call but after I met you I realized you were the right person to help me sell my home. Your exceptional knowledge and proven track record made me more at ease. I enjoyed working with you and can't wait to hand out your cards to my friends." ---Eddie Yah, White Plains, NY


"I can't believe you sold it! Your the best!!" - Janet & Bo Mykitshak, Fishkill NY & Yonkers, NY

"One phone call and I was sold on you! Thank you, thank you, thank you!" - Melissa Berman, Brooklyn, NY


"Working with you was like working with a best friend. You were honest and kept us grounded even though we wanted to fly.  Thank goodness we listened to you. Thank you again for all your hard work and for helping us find the right house." - Max & Lucy Glorjovikic, Yonkers, NY                                              


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